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My Vision began in a little town in Davisburg, Mi a little over 3 years ago. I had a little store there called Sweetgrass. I wanted to take my spiritual life to the next level, and low and behold I was presented with an opportunity to open up a Healing Center.  Things seemed to be moving in the right direction. There was a 3 acre parcel of land behind the Healing Center I wanted to purchase, as my Vision began to expand to include a place where classes could be held, a farmers market, a small restaurant, along with other ideas.  Then, everything shifted, and my Vision suddenly seemed to fall apart. What I did not realize was that what I had asked for demanded more than I had to spiritually give. I had to learn how to make miracle adjustments.

During this time, everything that mattered to me began to fall apart.  Eventually I moved to North Carolina and continued to try to find a way to live my Vision, but my Vision was not going to happen in North Carolina. Even at this, I still held my Vision close and looked for ways to share the information I was hearing internally.

I now understand that there is a Universal Plan that must be followed. I am not the one who decides who, when, what, where, why, or how. I am still learning, but what I have learned I want to share. What I have learned is rock solid. Although it may not be easy to understand, it works. My consciousness has expanded and I reach 4D much easier than I did in the beginning. I have learned to tune into the Universal Language of Love, which defines all miracles as well as higher dimensions. This is the information I want to share with anyone who is ready to hear.

There is a New World coming. Do I understand completely what this means? The answer is no. I have had to learn to set aside my own understanding to accept a Plan called One Wholeness Now. This Plan is unlike anything I understood in the past.  However, because I am willing to listen, I am learning something new constantly to ready for the time shift our world is going through.

I am a communicator. I want to share with you what I have learned, and I want you to find your OWN Plan, which will lead to miracles and unspeakable joy. I know this information is not easy to understand, but it is possible. A Course in Miracles asks the question; would God give you a Plan that was impossible to understand or fulfill? Trust there is a process. I have come this far and have a small path that you can join me on. Take my hand, I will not let go.

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