The Miracle Response

The Story of The Miracle Response

 The Miracle Response began around 2002. I was introduced to The Miracle Response in Davisburg Michigan by Rev. Cheril Goodrich. Our paths seemed to have crossed for a specific reason, and the information I held for my Vision and The Miracle Response fell into place nicely. Even at this, The Miracle Response had a purpose that could not be defined according to an old world definition. Changes had to be made that would redefine the purpose of The Miracle Response  by making it Universally acceptable under the Laws that will govern a New World.

Over the course of the last few years, The Miracle Response was forced to change. Lots of mistakes were made. Many attempts were made to use The Miracle Response in ways that conformed to old world ideas, and none of these worked. We began to wonder if the vision we had made would ever come to pass. What we did not recognize was that old world chemistry of fear had to be removed within our own memories. These memories included what we believed we had to do to make The Miracle Response work according to what the old world defined as what had to be done to make a business successful. We became very good at being wrong.

As time unfolded, and a New Movement of Miracle Thought began to replace old world memories, we began to understand the simple chemistry of Natural Science. Physical science has overlooked simple chemistry in favor of the more complex and difficult understanding of the chemistry of how matter is formed. Natural Science does not seek to understand form, but instead defines it. This means that the chemistry for defining complex form, comes from unseen memories held in consciousness.

The question that came out of this was the answer that the Christ gave when He said, "You are the salt of the Earth."

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