The Miracle Response

Miracles happen all of the time. These are the miracles that protect us and provide safety for us even when we are not necessary behaving rationally, and are in fact behaving recklessly.  These are the miracles that have been with us since the beginning of time. These miracles are necessary for individual welfare and are called everyday miracles.

There is another kind of miracle. This is the kind of miracle The Miracle Response wants to share with people.  These are New World Miracles. The purpose of a New World Miracle is to redefine the purpose of our world. By refocusing the natural ability in free will from material value to spiritual value, it will be possible to explore and reveal a new exciting way to experience and OWN ones life. This is the purpose of New World Miracles.

Everyday miracles do not ask for anything. They work all of the time according to old world integrity. It is not necessary to be aware of them, although many people are. The awareness of the purpose of New World Miracles is going to change all of this.

Because our world has entered into a New World time zone or era that began on December 21, 2012, the purpose of miracles must evolve along with our understanding of them. Along with this change, our conscious connection to the Universe must take a dramatic shift. This will require learning how to expand consciousness to a higher degree of conscious integrity.  It is New World integrity extended to us as a Gift from the Universe that will allow people to assign miracles to claim their OWN destiny.

Understanding New World Miracles is unlike anything old world memories, beliefs, and physical science have taught in the past. Using New World Miracles will require body chemistry to change to make room for a New Movement of Thought. As a New Movement of Thought is embraced, old world thinking that promoted war, fear, guilt, poverty and hate will die. 

Making conscious room for a body chemistry change this radical must be done over a period of time. This will allow the shift to happen gradually, along with individual participation in the process. This way of learning is so different than anything our world can comprehend, when it is complete, our world will be transformed into a Paradise.

This transformation process in body chemistry is a Universal Plan defined as One Wholeness Now. The Plan of OWN has been in effect for over 6000 years, and every precaution has been taken to ensure the protection of the people, both individually along with the global society at large, during this miracle chemistry shift due to occur as consciousness expands to embrace Universal integrity and the Higher Laws that protect this integrity.

The Miracle Response is not in charge of the operation of the Plan of OWN, as this Plan is Universal and beyond our ability to comprehend or administer. What The Miracle Response has agreed to do is share information. This information will help people begin to make the time adjustments necessary to shift the body chemistry for the conscious inclusion of the Universal New Movement of Thought, which will be introduced by New World Miracles.





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